Scotland vs Denmark tips, predictions and football freebet

The Danes finished ahead of schedule with 9 wins out of 9 possible and a killer 30 – 1 goal difference. And the Scots rose to 2nd place on the penultimate game day. For them, this tournament is of particular importance, as the Scottish national team hasn’t gotten into the final stage of the World Cup since 1998. To break this sad trend, they will need to win matches of the second round (play-off stage). But all that comes later.

For now, the Scots have a great opportunity to test themselves in a fight with one of the strongest teams in Europe. And since both teams have already achieved the current tournament goals, one would be right to expect attacking vibrant football. Both teams are capable of rocking it on the field.

And Denmark is unlikely to focus on defense – it would make no sense at all. The great thing about playing for yourself and the viewers implies an abundance of goals scored in both directions.

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